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Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead

Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead


John F Kennedy School
Hollybush Lane
Hemel Hempstead


Mr Rod Western
Phone 07795265584
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About The Club

Our Hemel Hempstead club is very popular with the locals and is our longest established school. This club was the original school established by our senior instructor and founder of Palcic Taekwondo Mr Paul Palcic. It has many senior instructors all helping out at the school, and is run by a very professional team.

Classes run in Hemel Hempstead include taekwondo, kickboxing, realistic self defence, and many other martial arts skills. We have tailor made children’s martial arts classes, which are perfect for the younger kids. We also run beginner’s classes for the complete novice, who has no previous experience in martial arts.

One of the many reasons for this schools success is the genuine friendly and family atmosphere that the club has. There are many families training together, and a genuine community feel to the club.

The school is affiliated to the ITF – INTERNATIONAL TAEKWONDO FEDERATION – This is the world’s foremost, original, and most authoritative taekwondo body. The club therefore comes with genuine credentials which you will find very hard to match. And you can be certain that the grades and qualifications you receive at the school will be amongst the most recognised in the world. We are currently the only school in Hemel Hempstead that is affiliated to the ITF.

Whether you want to get fit, increase your confidence and focus, or learn in one of the best martial arts schools in town, then you are coming to the right place when you come to our Hemel School. But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to BOOK A FREE TRIAL CLASS to see for yourself the difference we can make.

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Chief ExecutiveInstructor

 Rod Western 4th Degree

Senior Assistant Instructors

David Standon 4th Degree

Carlo Schettino 3rd Degree

Kyle Osborne 2nd Degree

Keiran Mallon 2nd Degree

Phil Hill 2nd Degree

Helen Oates 1st Degree

Training Times

For your free trial or for more details call
07968 056416

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