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There are a number of elements to Palcic Taekwondo that goes to make it one of the most exciting and progressive martial arts experiences you can get. All systems include elements of the other, to bring all the best together, so matter what your choice, you will find a class that is suitable to you.

Taekwondo, also spelt TaeKwon-Do, or tae kwon do, is a Korean military martial art that is in some ways similar to karate and styles of kung fu. Tae kwon do was founded in 1955 by general choi hong hi, who later went to establish the international taekwondo federation, also known as the ITF.

Taekwondo is one of the most exciting martial arts in the world, and is infamous for its many amazing kicking techniques. Because of its fast moving and dynamic nature, Taekwondo is the perfect martial arts for both children, and beginners of all ages who are looking to increase fitness and self defence.

Our taekwondo classes involve all aspects of the art, including basic moves, physical conditioning and flexibility training, sparring, traditional forms, self defence, and many more components. 
Fusion Kick boxing
Fusion Kickboxing™ uses the most effective elements from martial arts such as Taekwondo, karate, taiji, kickboxing, as well as fitness classes, and realistic self defence concepts. And fuses them together into a system that we believe is amazing, and classes that will leave you totally invigorated.


Fusion Kickboxing™ promises the best of the old martial arts, and their traditional values, and mental and physical benefits, along with the most cutting edge training methods.

 Firstly, our beginner’s classes develop a great foundation for you based on strong cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. This will put you in the best shape of your life, and leave your body truly fighting fit.

 From day one we shall also be forging your skills with core martial arts moves, and routines that will quickly develop confidence and skill. You will soon be learning moves and combinations that you probably never dreamt of doing. We also teach you realistic self defence based routines that provide the cutting edge of self protection for the modern world. 

Classes are designed to push you at a pace that is both challenging and rewarding. Our many elements such as shadow boxing, padwork, quick fire combo’s, short fight forms, partner work, adrenal test training, realistic self defence, fitness, flexibility, and many more areas, will all be constantly improving you.

Realistic Self Defence Training
Included in all our systems is our realistic self defence programme. We are constantly working with the best people in the industry to bring you real self defence at its most cutting edge for the modern world. We offer specific realistic self defence seminars, and also include it on our regular classes. Due to our extensive connections in the martial arts world, we are also invited to attend many of the best realistic combat course’s with some of the best instructors in the world. 

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