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Martial Arts Northwood

Martial Arts Northwood


Northwood School
Pinner Road


Phone 07867527854
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Martial Arts Classes In Northwood

PALCIC TAEKWONDO is a truly dynamic and forwards thinking martial arts chain of schools. Our aim is to provide students and the general public access to the best and most professional martial arts knowledge and training. We believe that great martial arts instructors and schools should have the ability and knowledge to make great martial arts students out of many people, not just the select and talented few.

We believe that PALCIC TAEKWONDO is a leading force in the development of accessible martial arts tuition. No matter what your age or level of ability, you will find a class with us that is suitable to your needs.

Our martial arts club based in NORTHWOOD, London, is one of our group’s Newest and most exciting schools.
OPENING UP IN NORTHWOOD SCHOOL IN JANUARY 2016 This school will be bringing the Palcic Taekowndos Distinctive and outstanding Syllabus to NORTHWOOD!

We have tailor made children’s martial arts classes, which are perfect for the younger kids. Our beginner’s classes are suitable for the complete novice, who has no previous experience in martial arts, and are a great way to get fit, lose weight, and increase confidence, whilst learning from some of the top instructors in the area.

The school is run by one of our senior ranked instructors Mr Dipak Varsani 2nd degree black belt, and his team of assistant instructors, who are always ready to give that extra bit of help you need.

The school is affiliated to the ITF – INTERNATIONAL TAEKWONDO FEDERATION. This is the world’s foremost, original, and most authoritative taekwondo body. The club therefore comes with genuine credentials which you will find very hard to match. And you can be certain that the grades and qualifications you receive at the school will be amongst the most recognised in the world.




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