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Kids Classes

Because of its dynamic and exciting style, taekwondo is the perfect martial art and activity for children

  • Confidence, Discipline, Respect
  • Non-conflict bullying solutions
  • Self-defence, coordination and more
  • Gain internationally recognised qualifications
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 upwards

Most importantly your child will learn in a safe and positive environment and where they are certain to enjoy themselves…

Beginner Classes

With dedication you could become our next black belt student.

  • Learn taekwondo and focus mind body and spirit
  • Get fit and healthy whilst increasing self confidence and learning to defend yourself
  • Classes are specially designed for the complete novice, so you don’t need any experience
  • Suitable for all men, women and children from 6 up to any age
    Try our classes out yourself to see the difference

Advanced Classes

In our advanced classes we currently have over 100 training black belts!

Our advanced classes are structured to develop through the martial arts ranks. And ensuring that once again our members thoroughly enjoy what they are learning. Classes focus on such things as…

  • Advancing up the taekwondo ranks
  • Realistic self defence training
  • Kickboxing drills and super fitness
  • Weapons self-defence etc
  • Many other aspects that continue to develop our students fitness, focus and skills all the way to black belt and beyond.


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