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Our Vision and Mission

PALCIC Taekwondo will be a leading force in professional martial arts services, providing unparallel standards, and redefining how martial arts schools are run across the UK

We are a team of professional individuals that undertake constant and consistent mental and physical development, permanently thriving for excellence and learning only from the best and most advanced instructors in the world, to ensure our students only receive the most positive and successful role models along with the most professional tuition possible. Leading by example and offering a wide spectrum of learning opportunities to all members.

We are in the business of martial arts, teaching beyond the realm of simple kick and punch; encompassing personal and character development (life skills) as well as health and physical education to the communities within which we operate, in addition to the highest quality martial arts tuition in the UK. Our team is dedicated, caring and our quality instruction is built from every individual’s unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment.

Our students and instructors come from all walks of life and a variety of backgrounds, from the privileged to the under-privileged, and the gifted to the challenged. All students learn the benefits of giving to others and that they all share a common goal and enthusiasm. They all offer learning experiences to each other, building not only a motivated and committed instructors team, but also an enthused and unparalleled team of quality students.

Our uniqueness is derived from our professionalism, high quality standards in all areas, appreciation of personal challenges and team work to ensure that all, student team and instructor team alike achieve specific, measured and targeted goals through every step of their progression, realizing physical, emotional and life skills they may have felt previously unobtainable.

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