Kids Martial Arts Classes

kids martial arts classes

Our kids martial arts classes are very fun and interactive where they will learn to be more self confident. They have great fun and gain excellent levels of concentration.

Our leading children’s martial arts programme helps with:

 Get physically fit
 Concentration and focus
 Self confidence
 Self defence
 Improved social skills

More importantly your child will learn key life skills in a positive and safe environment, where they are certain to enjoy themselves.

Classes suitable for age 5 years and upwards.


Palcic Taekwondo children’s martial arts classes are quite simply one of the best activities that you can give your child. Classes have been expertly designed to target the younger juniors and the specific needs that they have and are taught using the safest and exciting instruction methods available.

We recognise that good martial arts training can massively enhance children’s experience of life in many areas. We are therefore committed to providing the best experience of martial arts classes that your child could wish for. Classes are packed with exercises to ensure that your child gets the best of martial arts, as well as building areas such as self-control, confidence, perseverance and many other areas. 

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