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Our Terms and Conditions

 Our terms and conditions are an important part of allowing our schools to run in a safe  and professional manner, and ensuring that the student receives the best possible services from us. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all training fees and any other costs are paid in full when due. Failure to do so may result in extra charges being applied to your account.
  • Family and dual membership discounts apply to immediate family members only. Immediate family members are deemed to include; parents, couples, children of parents or siblings in one family.
  • Training fees are reasonably priced and are priced pro rata and take into account any breaks and holidays you may have, as patrons of the school you are expected to continue to pay your membership fees, we offer unlimited opportunities to continue your training in the event of missed classes.
  • If you opt to pay your training fees on a monthly basis, then this shall be done by standing order only. We do not accept cash/cheque/card payments for monthly fees. Please collect a standing order form from your school administrator.
  • You may pay for training fees for three, six, or twelve months via cash or cheque
  • Membership will be deemed to be active until cancelled in writing. No refund of membership fees will be offered for non attendance of lessons.
  • Any sparring equipment used for training must be purchased from Palcic Taekwondo. Our price promise for this ensures that we sell at the retail price only, or in many cases below the retail price. Only ITF approved sparring gear may be worn meaning only TOP TEN, FUJIMAE, TOP PRO, or MACHO and ADIDAS.
  • Training Fees must be paid at all times including any holidays or lessons off that student may take. Failure to do so could result in termination of your membership and losing your space in the school.
  • Students are required to purchase sparring equipment through the school within a period of six months from commencement of training
  • It is the responsibility of the student or the parent/guardian of the student to inform the instructor of any physical injuries or disabilities that may affect the student during the lesson. This must be done prior to the start of the lesson.
  • Students must not change clothing or eat in the training hall.
  • All contact details for the student including next of kin details must be kept up to date with Palcic Taekwondo. In the interests of your safety, we should be notified of any changes.
  •  It is essential that we have an up to date email address. This shall not be handed out to any third parties and is simply required for us to send you electronic news letters and important information.
  • All personal data that is collected by Palcic Taekwondo will be dealt with in compliance with the current UK data protection legislation, and is gathered personal use in processing your membership, insurance, and contact details.
  • All students must have a valid martial arts license, and membership book. This shall be issued to you within one month of joining. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their license is renewed on time. Students are not allowed to train without a valid current membership license.
  • An additional surcharge may be added to anyone who pays for their license after its due expiry date
  • If lost or misplaced, then replacement license and membership books shall be issued and charged at the full price.
  • In the interests of your development as a student, your class times may change, and you may be required after a period of time to move into a more advanced class with a different time.
  • In the event that there is a problem with your current training location, we may move the classes to a temporary location at an alternative venue. Whilst we will aim to give students as much notice as possible, we cannot be held responsible for late changes that are beyond our control.
  • School approved uniform and/or T-shirts must be worn at all times in training
  • Palcic Taekwondo reserves the right to refuse new applications for membership or cancel existing memberships at any time.

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