Special Offers

To see the difference our classes can make for yourself, we would love for you to try a class free of charge. All our schools are built on a solid and honest reputation, and we believe that you really can’t make an informed descision before you try us out.

What to expect

Once you have booked your class, you simply need to turn up at the appointed time, and wear suitable clothing such as jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. You will be in the beginners class with other like minded and similarly able keen students, and will be expertly guided in to our amazing world of martial arts.

We will have many instructors at hand to give you plenty of assistance, and answer any questions you may have at the end.

We do not ask for any money or commitment up front, and if you like the class, you can either sign up at the end, in which case we will often provide you with your FREE uniform there and then, or you can go away and think about it if you prefer. You can rest assured that we shall do everything to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and feel totally invigorated.

For your free trial or for more details call
07968 056416

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