Private Classes

If you are really serious about seeing the difference, then why not book a personal training programme with us.

  • Train one to one with our top instructors
  • 100% attention to your personal needs
  • Get a training programme tailored just for you
  • Develop martial arts, fitness, and health faster than you ever thought possible
  • Classes are enjoyable, and will bring a genuine feel good factor into the workplace

Personal training is possibly the quickest way to see immediate results, in both martial arts and physical health and fitness.

If you are an absolute beginner, personal training will help you develop the foundations for a very high level of personal health and fitness and a rock solid start into the world of martial arts. We can offer you a unique training schedule, that ensures that your instructor is 100% dedicated to your personal needs. It is the surest way of developing quickly and thoroughly and allows you the comfort of privacy while you learn. We can even arrange to go to your home for lessons. And you are certain to see results very quickly. We will listen carefully to what you wish to gain from the sessions, and advise you as well. We will then tailor the session to give you exactly the development that you want.

Or it could be that you are an existing student, and want that extra bit, to either train for a competition or grading or something similar. A personal training session would be the perfect choice for you to work on the areas you want to develop.

Who takes the classes
We have many qualified instructors with years of martial arts experience. Some have a lot of teaching experience producing very high standard students, others have competed at the top level, and have a wealth of international experience. We can even arrange private sessions with our most senior ranked black belts, and Chief executive instructor.
Depending on your budget and requirements, we can always find an instructor to meet your needs, and help you to develop to very high standards.
Small group personal tuition
One to one is a very bespoke and luxury service. However we can also run small group bookings of up to three people. This may help if you want to gain the same thing, or train for the same event. It will also keep the cost down per person, and allow you to train with a friend.
What next
To discuss the options and prices for personal training or small group training then please either call or email us. We could have you learning by the very next day!

For your free trial or for more details call
07968 056416

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