Fusion KickBoxing Classes

Fusion Kickboxing classes represents a new level for kickboxing, martial arts, health and fitness…..

  • Inspired by the best of traditional martial arts, kickboxing and realistic combat
  • Tone up, get fit and healthy while learning the best of kickboxing and self defence
  • Our beginner kickboxing classes are designed for the total novice, so you dont need and previous experience
  • Take your mind, body, and spirit to a new level through martial arts training

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Fusion Kickboxing™ is a new and exciting concept in the world of kickboxing and martial arts. We have combined our very extensive knowledge of over 30 years of world class martial arts, self defence, and health and fitness experience, to make the ultimate Kickboxing system.


Fusion Kickboxing™ uses the most effective elements from martial arts such as Taekwondo, karate, taiji, kickboxing, as well as fitness classes, and realistic self defence concepts. And fuses them together into a system that we believe is amazing, and classes that will leave you totally invigorated.
Fusion Kickboxing™ promises the best of the old martial arts, and their traditional values, and mental and physical benefits, along with the most cutting edge training methods.

Our Kickboxing classes

Firstly, our beginner’s kickboxing classes develop a great foundation for you based on strong cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. This will put you in the best shape of your life, and leave your body truly fighting fit.

From day one we shall also be forging your skills with core martial arts moves, and routines that will quickly develop confidence and skill. You will soon be learning moves and combinations that you probably never dreamt of doing. We also teach you realistic self defence based routines that provide the cutting edge of self protection for the modern world.
Classes are designed to push you at a pace that is both challenging and rewarding. Our many elements such as shadow boxing, padwork, quick fire combo’s, short fight forms, partner work, adrenal test training, realistic self defence, fitness, flexibility, and many more areas, will all be constantly improving you.
On top of that, our kickboxing classes are certain to be lots of FUN, and guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Try out a kickboxing class for free, and see the difference it can make.

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"Since starting training, I have seen so many benefits in every area of my life and met a great group of friends. I know that it keeps me fighting fit and is good for stress, but the main thing is I just love the training, and always feel I have missed out if I am not there. I am pretty certain I will be doing this the rest of my life" Amit Sonik – Harrow
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We are so confident that regardless of your age, size or abilities, you will thoroughly enjoy learning martial arts with us. We want to offer you a FREE TRIAL WEEK of training with Us to see for yourself the benefits you can get from learning martial arts with us.

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